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We are an independent mechanic shop that specializes in servicing vehicles of all makes and models. Our team of highly professional individuals are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for both foreign and domestic automobiles. We will repair your car and have you back on the road in no time.

We pride ourselves to be the shop where YOU don't have to worry about being pushed into repair or feel like you are being mislead. Our mission at Larin Automotive is to provide the best automotive repair service through honesty and transparency. We want to help you understand what your vehicle needs and provide the proper care for it. When you bring your car to us you will see for yourself that you can have a highly qualified technician working on it without getting the runaround. As a privately owned shop we count on repeat business and will do whatever we can to make you happy. We're easy to reach by phone, email or in person and we'll gladly answer any questions you might have.

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Victor Larin is the founder of Larin Automotive. He is an avid race car driver and a skillful mechanic. He started the company at a small gas station on Route 1 in Norwood which then expanded into our current location with a team of expert mechanics. Victor first worked as a mechanic at a dealership where he quickly recognized the inefficiencies of the service from car care to customer communication. He realized that he could provide much better service on his own. With this determination, he made it his mission to help people by providing the best automotive repair service as well as offering his knowledge on all things race cars. For those personally interested in building their own race car or just looking to get advice on the best equipment and parts, Victor is the man to go to. He can be found in two places; working at his shop in Norwood or racing his BMW E46 M3 to first place at any SCCA event.

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