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It is with tremendous joy that I share my happiness in finally, finally, having found a competent honest extraordinary car mechanic, Victor Larin.

Here is a man who knows his stuff and takes car repair and maintenance to a higher level.

Seven years ago, I bought a 6-year-old 2000 Audi. Immediately after buying it I found the heat and AC were not working. My own mechanic tried to fix them on my multiple occasions, charging me for his work but to no avail. I was told in order to fix the problem, the dash would have to be removed and the work could cost well over 3 thousand dollars, maybe more. I got the same story at the dealer. I decided to live without these comfort perks.  I continued with my old mechanic and I watched my car get more run down and idiosyncratic over the seven years-leaking oil, making strange noises, until I reached a point where I was afraid to drive it. My old mechanic told me the symptoms were related to needing a timing belt and the noise was a broken spring and that he could fix these problems for a couple of thousand, but he thought that my car was not worth the repair and that rather I should end my car troubles, get rid of the mechanically-challenged Audi and buy a new car. With my kid's college tuition draining me monthly, this seemed a painful option.

 I heard about Victor Larin in June 2013 from a coworker who overheard my car woes, and she made me promise to take my car to Victor Larin for a second opinion before buying a new car I could not afford. And so I did. I drove my car to Larin Automotive and I proceeded to tell Victor about the clicking noises in the front and clarinet-like noise in the back and the bad burning smells from the engine and I explained that the car leaks a bit of oil and that the AC and heat has never worked as long as I've owned it but not to worry about fixing those extraneous things -I simply wanted to know if it could be repaired for safe driving to last another year as I'm paying tuition for a kid in college or was the car not worth repairing.

 Victor politely listened to me, and he said he would check it out, and I was driven to the commuter line so that I could get back to Boston.  A day later I received by email an ordered list from Victor as to what was found wrong with my car. The list was prioritized. The most critical repair was on top, the least important to the running of the vehicle at the bottom.  The spring was not an issue and Victor told me that the clarinet-like noise had not been the spring but SEIZED REAR BRAKES a critical repair.  The oil leak was because a rubber gasket had been installed improperly and was pinched. A transmission seal was found to have been installed upside down. Victor mentioned nonchalantly, by the way, he had idea why my air conditioner might not be working-he had observed while checking out the car that the compressor was not plugged in.

 I realized looking at the list and hearing of his observations that I was in the hands of someone who really knew what they were doing. I felt I as if I had landed into a racetrack and my car had been subjected to the keen analytic eyes of crackerjack pit stop mechanics. I felt as if I were in realm of a truly skilled craftsman. I told Victor to do the work. He replaced my timing belt, water pump, brakes, and all he deemed necessary to get my car in ACE driving condition He plugged in the compressor. I now have air conditioning and my car drives quietly and smoothly and hugs the road like a dream. It drives better than I have ever experienced. I am in heaven with this mechanic.  He is absolutely superb. I am so lucky to have heard about Victor Larin. Go to him. Trust him. He totally rocks!
-Claudette Gardel



My wife and I have been trusting our automotive maintenance and repairs to Victor Larin for over 5 years and we could not be more satisfied.  His integrity, professionalism, excellent customer service, and fair prices are a breath of fresh air.  Victor has demonstrated the knowledge, experience, and patience needed to handle all of our repairs and does so in a timely fashion.  We are proud to call him our mechanic and recommend his services to everyone.

-Mike & Kelsey

Framingham, MA



It is my pleasure to say a few positive words about Victor Larin. I have known Victor both on a personal and professional level for a number of years and all of my interactions with him have been extremely positive. I have found him to be very reliable, pleasant to deal with and impeccably honest in all of our dealings. I will continue to work with him and will not hesitate to recommend others to him as I have done so on a regular basis. Those that I have referred to him have also all been very pleased with his level of service, reliability and honesty.

Thank You,
-David Glaser



I was referred to Victor about 3 years ago.

My name is Sandy and I live in Brookline Ma.  I own a 1998 Camry XLE.  I absolutely love my car and Victor is the genius who has kept my car alive. Victor is now starting his own business and has the right stuff to do it.   He is unbelievably smart,  honest,  reasonable and keeps his word.  If Victor says he will have your car done in 3 days, it is done in 3 days.  In addition, when Victor fixes a car, it's fixed.  None of this 'can't figure out the problem' that I have heard from many other mechanics.  Also, Victor only fixes what's broke.  As I said, he's honest and his prices are very reasonable. If I were giving Victor stars on yelp, I would give him FIVE!   I strongly urge all who read these words to drop your car at Victor's garage.  You will never go to another mechanic.



As of August 10th, 2010 I became a proud owner of a BMW M3.  I have owned the car for two years now and I couldn't be any happier, thanks to Victor Larin.  From day one Victor has been involved in all maintenance that needed to be performed on my BMW.  Before I bought the car, I brought it to Victor for a look over and he suggested I purchase the vehicle.  His advice couldn't have been more accurate.  Since then I've been taking my car to Victor from anything as small as an Oil change and Inspection stickers, to getting my valve lifters adjusted.  Every time I bring my car to Victor, even if it’s just an Oil change, he always looks over my car to make sure there are no other problems.  At one point he noticed a developing issue with my car, he notified me that BMW had a recall for this, so I had BMW resolve this issue at no charge.  If not for Victor, I would still have that issue and eventually that small problem could have turned into thousands of dollars in repair.
Victor is an amazing technician, with a unique work ethic, knowledge, honesty and enthusiasm that you wouldn't get anywhere else.  The pride that he takes in his work is one of a kind.  I can honestly say that I have never met anyone like Victor, who enjoys helping others with their car needs as much as he does.  I would recommend Victor to everyone who needs car advice or maintenance.  Once you go to Larin Automotive, you never go back.
I want to thank Victor for all his hard work that he has put into my car and for the future work that might be needed.

Thank you Victor,

Eddie Langer.

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I came to Victor when my car was shaking at highway speeds and  after going to two different repair shops the problem could not be identified. The previous shops balanced my tires and did an alignment but neither one of those solved my problem. After coming to Victor, he took the car on a test drive with me in the car. A 10 minute drive is all it took, he traced the problem to a bad tie rod which ordinary tests did not reveal to be bad. Victor’s diagnostic technique are impeccable, he told me exactly what was wrong and also explained why the problem was difficult to find unless the car was taken for a test drive which the other shops did not offer to do. Ever since then I have been coming to Victor and it’s always the same story, he explains what is wrong, why the symptoms are what they are and what is the best way to fix the problem. I have never felt that any work was unnecessary because the symptoms always disappeared after the repair and he always explained the problem. I will not go to another mechanic, he has spoiled me.

-Ethan from Marlborough


Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the pleasure of having Victor Larin work on my Dodge Durango. Not only did Victor do good work on my car, he had reasonable prices, let me make all the final decisions and actually taught me a lot about cars. When I had a problem, he brought me under the hood and showed me what was going wrong and what needed to be done. Not being a big car guy myself, Victor did a great job of explaining everything to me in terms I could understand which showed me how good he is at what he does. In a world where mechanics can easily talk anyone who doesn’t know better in to spending a lot of money they don’t need to, Victor is a true exception. I would recommend anybody to Victor who wants a mechanic they can trust and who can do quality work to their car at a fair price.

-Dan, Dodge Durango Owner



Victor is the hardest working, most honest person you will meet. Since I've known Victor, he has not only been fixing my cars, but he has also been talking about opening his own automotive repair business. I've seen Victor start as a technician at a very reputable Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge dealership. After putting in countless over-time hours and serving as the "go to guy" for all other employees, he made his way up to shop foreman and was then recruited to be a lead senior mechanic elsewhere, all the while working toward his goal of starting his own business. Victor is known for his dedication, honesty, and passion for his craft. Is this the type of guy you'd want working on your car?  Is this the type of person you can trust? Absolutely.




​Victor Larin,

Your work thus far has exceeded all my expectations. I could not be happier with the work you have done on my car and the time and dedication you have given to each detail. Your work ethic is admirable and I would highly recommend your work to anyone that is in need of small tune- ups’ or big jobs! You have gone above and beyond in every single way and I am so pleased. I wanted to thank you again for such great work and show you my gratitude.

-David Hartstein



Victor has been working on my cars for 10 years. He has done everything from replacing brakes to completely rebuilding my 1995 BMW. I found a great deal on the BMW and immediately consulted with Victor. He came out to see the vehicle prior to purchase and advised me on all necessary repairs, replacements, etc. Victor provided a detailed estimate, enabling me to make the most informed decision, and he was able to complete all repairs under budget. Since I purchased this 20 year old vehicle, I have used it every day for three years and put 40k+ miles on it. Victor has provided all maintenance and repairs, and has always been honest. The car runs beautifully, and I know I can trust Victor to make sure the car lasts for many years to come (and that he will let me know when the repairs are no longer worth it).

-Daniel from JP